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What are Community Rules?

Community Rules are a way of keeping order and keeping away chaos from Elite Pixel Roleplay. This community is serious roleplay only, so that is why we have the rules but, we make sure everyone has fun!

Toxic Behavior

Toxic Behavior

Have loud background noise or being loud on the microphone and arguing with Staffing or Network Staffing. You're not allowed to spam at all as well as use soundboards. • Pinging @ everyone for roleplay (unless you're part of the EPN team)

Hate Speech/Extreme Words

Hate Speech/Extreme Words

• Racism - using against someone • Religion - using against someone • Sexuality - using against someone • Gender - using against someone • Pronouns - using against someone - bullying and name-calling will not be tolerated.



Promoting another company, community, or server in any way is not allowed unless the community, company, or server is networked with or developed by EPN this includes in-game chat and voice chat as well as discord.

Double Clanning

Double Clanning

Management/Staff/Department if you're any of these or part of anything department wise you cannot be any Management/Staff/Department in any other community unless they are developed by Elite Pixel Network.

Leaving the Community

If you leave the community while being in a department/developer/staff without telling the department head/supervisors/development lead/head of staff, you will be banned immediately.


If you use any sort of hacking or modding software to give you an advantage over other players, you will be banned from EPN and its Communities.

What is considered hacking or modding software? -Auto clickers -Mod Menus -Trainers -Third Party Injection Software (Except ENB/ReShade) -Cheat Engine -Using Modified Peripherals (Controllers, Mice, Keyboard, etc.)


Must follow community rules and treat your department members fairly and with respect. Do NOT make choices based on gender, race, sexuality, or pronouns. - can lead to removal from the department you're a part of regardless of rank


FiveM Server Rules

Our FiveM Server rules can be found here.

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