EPRP | FiveM Controls

What are FiveM Controls?

FiveM controls are keybinds and chat commands for our server.
Chat Commands
/911 [message] - Sends a report to emergency services.
/911a [message] - Sends an anonymous report to emergency services (gives no location).
/311 Sends non-emergency call to the CAD (Civil)
/Showcad Brings up the CAD tablet
/showid [id] Shows the current ID of the specified player ID. If not specified, will show the current player's ID. Currently, it is displayed only to the calling client.
/setid Sets a custom ID (first/last name, and date of birth). Overrides the currently selected CAD ID.
/resetid Resets the custom ID specified above.
/refreshid Removes the "cached" characters for the client. This allows players to swap characters in the CAD without relogging or waiting for the cache timer.
/cadsize Change the size of the in-game CAD system
/med [player ID] Check the Medical Information of any Player.
/dv To Delete a Vehicle
/seat Change seat when in vehicle
/shuffle or /shuff Move to the driver seat
/wam Open the Weapon Animations Menu
/minicad to display your Mini-CAD. You must be logged into the Police or Fire CAD, and need to have your API ID set. You can close or move the Mini-CAD by opening the tablet, and interacting with the Mini-CAD window.
/minicadsize <width> <height> (Experimental) resize the Mini-CAD to best fit your screen. This size persists on reload of the client. /minicadrefresh refresh the Mini-CAD if it's not loading properly. Controls
/tstop activates traffic stop in cad
/pobject [pion/barier/schotten/tent/light/delete] - Places or deletes an object on/from ground.
/escort  Escorts nearby player.
/sc - Puts soft cuff on nearby player.
/paylawyer [id] - Makes payment to the lawyer.
Keybinds (keyboard)
"LCTRL" This is how you Crouch.
"F1" to use vMenu.
"F3" to use Emote Menu.
"F6" to open Civilian Menu (when on foot)
"F7" Is how to use Cruise Control (when inside a vehicle)
"F9" to open VStancer (when inside a vehicle)
"K" to use your Seatbelt.
"[Hold] X" This is how you can put your Hands up.
"Y" to use Clothing Menu. (when on foot)
"H" to Open Trunk (when UI is shown)
"E" to Hide in Trunk (when UI is shown)
"O" to open Luxart Vehicle Control menu (when inside LEO Vehicle)
"H" to sit on a chair (when UI is shown, will be changed in the future)
"E" to lay on bed (when UI is shown)
"F" to stand up (when sitting or laying down)
"G" to place hand on holster
"Left Arrow Key" to display the previous call.
"Right Arrow Key" to display the next call.
"K" attach or detach to/from the displayed call.
"L" toggle display of the call details.

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