Blaine County Sheriff's Office

What to expect.

Let's get down to business. In the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, we expect realism at its finest. We put fellow deputies first and criminals behind bars.

Down To The Details

We make sure we are the most realistic roleplay department there is whether it's our training or our resources.

Feature Rich

We have plenty of features that other departments don't. Whether that be our CAD system, seatbelt detection system, StarChase/StarPursuit system, tire grappler to avoid pit maneuvers, or our radar connected to the CAD system so you can see if a vehicle is registered or not. We were just deployed brand new sheriff shields as well.
What does B.C.S.O have to offer?
The Blaine County Sheriff's Office brings new and exciting roleplay opportunities to the Law Enforcement Roleplay scene.
We have custom vehicles, uniforms, sub-divisions, sub-departments, sheriff stations, weapons, shields, and many more!

Sub-Divisions & Sub-Departments that are available.

Enhanced Pursuit Motorcycle Patrol
Enhanced Pursuit Motorcycle PatrolSpeed Enforcement DivisionCurrently in a Open Beta phase.
The E.P.M.P Sub-Division is a speed enforcement unit and a motorcycle patrol division all in one!
Paleto Bay Watch Force
Paleto Bay Watch ForcePaleto Bay's Public Crime ReportersComing Soon
K-9 Task Force
K-9 Task ForceK-9 Task Force Division Coming Soon
Currently in a Closed Alpha phase.
Special Weapons And Tactics
Special Weapons And TacticsSWAT DivisionComing Soon

How to Apply.

Applying is very simple. All you have to do is click here!


You must be 14+ years old and have a high maturity level to apply, and the Top 5 have to be 17+.

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