Welcome to our Company Rules page. This page displays all our rules for our company so make sure to read it over!

What are Company Rules?

Company Rules are a way of keeping order and peace within Elite Pixel Productions, without rules EPPD would be hectic. EPPD has rules similar to Elite Pixel Network's other communities/companies yet some are different, be sure to read them over! 

Toxic Behavior

What is Toxic Behavior?

Toxic behavior can be many things like having loud background noise or being loud on the microphone, arguing with Staffing or Head Staffing, spam of any kind, creating drama in any of our channels, & using soundboards.

Hate Speech

What is Hate Speech?

Hate Speech is abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation..

Leaking Assets

What is Leaking Assets?

Leaking assets means when you take something that we or one of our developers has made and you upload it elsewhere. This can be seen as theft and if you choose to do so legal actions will be taken against you

Buying & Selling

What is Buying & Selling?

Selling a customer incomplete products or services, selling a customer a product and the product isn't given, changing prices for your products that are listed on the EPN shop unless the product is on sale by the developer or designer, selling something that isn't yours, selling a collab project without your collab partner's consent.



Promoting another company, community, or server in any way is not allowed unless the community, company, or server is networked with or developed by EPN this includes in-game chat and voice chat as well as discord.



Leaking and/or Reselling of any Alpha or Beta Builds to mods is strictly prohibited, leaking and/or Reselling of anything developed by Elite Pixel Productions will lead to a ban from all Elite Pixel Network communities/companies. Not reporting bugs for testing for more than 3 weeks can lead to a kick from the testing team.

Staffing Discretion

All punishments are at staff discretion unless stated otherwise.

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