Elite Pixel Public Safety

A FiveM FivePD Roleplay Community

Elite Pixel Public Safety is a FiveM FivePD roleplaying community developed by Elite Pixel Network. It's located in the video game Grand Theft Auto V inside the great state of San Andreas. 


What does Elite Pixel Public Safety have to offer?

 You can create your own character, maintain them, and be them while catching those bad guys. You can play as your own character by making them in our menus and take care of them via eating, drinking, and sleeping. In EPPS we only have one department and that is the San Andreas Department of Public Safety as you will be responding to calls all over!
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The Best

This community has custom vehicles, uniforms, buildings & interiors. callouts and scripts to bring the best FivePD roleplay there is. (Currently in Closed Alpha)

Elite Pixel Project SafetyFivePDscriptscalloutsvehiclesuniformsis in development

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