Networked Community/Company

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Becoming a Networked Community/Company

At Elite Pixel Network we maintain a very high standard when it comes to the communities/companies we create and the communities/companies we network with. Keep in mind that we do not network with FiveM, Minecraft, and RedM communities.

Before you apply.

Benefits to Networking

Exposure from multiple communities/companies and Discounts at networked development companies and more amazing benefits to come!

Your Discord Server

Must be set up as a community as well as follow Discord's guidelines. Your discord server must have an announcement channel set as a announcement channels via

Member Count

You must have at least 100+ members if you're running a discord
community. This does not apply to companies.


Elite Pixel Network Leadership, Staff, Developer, and Media will need roles in your discord server and the roles must be below your Administration.


Have channels setup for our network in your
server so you can receive our announcements, information, and media in your server and our channels MUST be put into their own category called EPN Elite Pixel Network.


Make a ad, summary, or promotional message for your community/company

Bringing your Members

Bring your staff and server members over to the EPN discord server. Keep in mind that we are a network so, we want to bring everyone we can to  the discord server to also benefit our networked communities!

Our Current Networked Communities/Companies

Get In The Hole
Get In The HoleRocket League Championship Series Team
Get In The Hole or GITH for short is an RLCS team that is just starting out and they have big goals and dreams!

How to Apply

Applying is easy but, applications for Networking are closed.

Elite Pixel Network

Preparing amazing communities for you and helping you build yours.

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