What is Elite Pixel Roleplay?

Elite Pixel Roleplay is a FiveM roleplaying economy community developed by Elite Pixel Network. You can create your own character and craft your own story as well as interact with people just like you and forge your story together.
-You can play as your own character by making them in our menus, they can be a civilian or a law enforcement officer. Playing as a civilian does NOT require any sort of application or interview (unlike being a law enforcement officer).

Our Stats!

Server Progress95%
Active Staff100%
Civilian Based Roleplay100%
Law Enforcement Roleplay100%
Active Members56%
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What does
Elite Pixel Roleplay have to offer?

Menus to create your character as soon as you join
Server-wide Economy 
  - i.e. a money system
Character survival system
  - i.e. hunger, thirst, & sleep
Character interaction system, Custom Jobs
Over 50+ free civilian vehicles for you to use
Whitelisted respectable departments
Gang formation
and much more!

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Meet our Team

James Stowers
James StowersManager of Elite Pixel
Also known as TearsPlays, specializes in FiveM development! He can be very serious when it comes to EPRP and making well-educated decisions but, that doesn't mean he doesn't have fun! James is also a jokester and likes to make friends with others!
Gavan Beamish
Gavan BeamishHead of Staff at Elite Pixel
Also known as Gooby, specializes in vehicle handling line & discord server development. Gavan is a very nice individual and you will get along with him very well. He is also serious when he needs to be but, fun as well!
Angelina Sayers
Angelina SayersTrial Moderator at Elite Pixel
Also known as Wolfie, specializes in vehicle texture & EUP development. Angelina is a very quirky and well-rounded individual. She is friendly in all areas and loves to help others when they need it the most!

Elite Pixel Network

Preparing amazing communities for you and helping you build yours.

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Mon - Sat 08:00am to 1:00pm


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