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Becoming a Network Media Team Member

Being a part of the Media Team is no easy task. It requires you to know how to promote and advertise multiple different communities & companies while being under pressure.


Must be able to maintain our standard of quality as well as help individuals with unbridled kindness, and be willing to put all of your efforts into making Elite Pixel Network the greatest network there is. Also, have your confidence in Elite Pixel Network high and unwavering!


You must have knowledge in any of these areas.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Must have the know-how for Google AdWords and be willing to pay for paid advertisements. Have the knowledge for paid advertisements for the following platforms: • YouTube • TikTok • Twitter • Instagram • Google
Have professional-looking edits and act professionally when recording or streaming also you must use time stamping.
Act professionally when recording or streaming.
Act professionally when posting and use proper hashtags.
When posting, post-professional-looking photographs and professional captions as well as using proper hashtags.
Professional Captions when posting and post-professional edits and videos as well as using proper hashtags.

Meet your fellow Media Members!

Gavan Beamish
Gavan Beamish Recruit Media
Also known as Gooby, he specializes in video recording/editing. Gavan is also the Head of Staff in Elite Pixel Roleplay! Gavan is a very nice individual and you will get along with him very well. He is also serious when he needs to be but, fun as well!
Angelina Sayers
Angelina Sayers Recruit Media
Also known as Wolfie, specializes in video streaming. Angelina is a very quirky and well-rounded individual. She is friendly in all areas and loves to help others when they need it the most!

How to Apply.

Applying is very simple. All you have to do is click here!
Once you have applied you will be subject to a legal document prior to being hired.
Must be 16 or older to apply, or have a legal guardian agree to the position that you're wanting in a written form.

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