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Elite Pixel Roleplay is located in the video game Grand Theft Auto V inside the great state of San Andreas. You can create your own character and craft your own story as well as interact with people just like you and forge your story together.


Realism is at Elite Pixel Roleplay's core, it comes first above everything else bringing you all types of new an interesting things.

Player Needs

Due to our newest framework we bring player needs to Elite Pixel Roleplay, for example hunger, thirst, stamina, and sleep.

Car Culture

Elite Pixel Roleplay brings car culture in its truest form whether that be stancing, drag, lifting, lowrider, and drifting, EPRP has it all.

Who does Elite Pixel Roleplay cater too?

It caters to those who want the most realistic roleplay while still being able to have fun. We have many systems in place to make Civilian and Law Enforcement roleplay as fun and realistic as possible.

The best roleplay community there is.

Elite Pixel Roleplay has many items it brings to the table to enable the best roleplay experience possible.

EPRP has systems that allow you to have inventory, buy properties, own businesses, rob banks in heists, own a phone, have a bank account with debit/credit cards, and it has over 50+ free civilian vehicles also, 40+ buildings, and interiors for you to use out the gate and many more things!

For law enforcement, we have many resources, scripts, vehicles, and uniforms for you to use. Roleplay in this area of expertise is the most realistic as it gets. To enhance LEO roleplay we have brought in a CAD system, a seatbelt detection system, a StarChase/StarPursuit system, a tire grappler to avoid pit maneuvers, and a radar connected to the CAD system so you can see if a vehicle is registered or not. There are a ton of other features not listed here!

Voice chat is important so we made sure to make it a priority to make it great, we have directional voice chat as well as a public radio system. Our voice chat cannot be heard through walls either. 

Community Rules

Looking for our Community Rules? You can find them here!

Looking to Partner?

If you're looking for information on how to partner you can find it here!

FiveM Controls

Looking for the controls for the server? You can find them here!
Sonoran CAD/MDT System
Sonoran CAD/MDT Systemhttps://app.sonorancad.com/#/?comid=EPRP
Elite Pixel Roleplay uses Sonoran CAD for our main CAD system because currently, it is the CAD system that brings the most realism while having FiveM integration!
Elite Pixel Roleplay uses FiveM to port forward the server as FiveM is currently the best option in this category,
Elite Pixel Roleplay uses discord to get its community together all in one location!

TheRoleplay Expansion Updateversion 1.0 updateis coming soon!

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